Here is for your description if you chose to write one. No?
OK then have a nice life

So desperate to get out tonight

Pineapple juice and south park are the one after a j

Personally don’t care if i’m boring to tumblr i’m too high


George Grosz. High Dunes, 1940.

the mushrooms lead the way.

‘Christen' (For Mum) (2013) 57 x 100 cm
Close up shot 4
So relevant.

An Amazing Campaign in India called “Abused Goddesses” showing the contradiction of worshiping female goddesses in religion but having unsafe conditions for women, like domestic violence.
Via: Women’s Rights News


people who fall in love with strangers on public transport support group

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Oh dear

Just because you smoke weed that doesn’t make you a hippie, why even say that, it doesn’t impress me at all now I think you’re a knob.